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Rack Conveyor EHS-M90

Rack Conveyor EHS-M90 Rock Conveyor Dishwasher

Rack-Type Conveyor Dishwasher
Smallest rack-type conveyor dishwashers in the market offer superior cleaning at a low cost and minimum space requirements. Extremely low water consumption and unique noodle spray system greatly reduce operating costs.
Rack Conveyor

Speedy washing. The smallest footprint (90cm). Compact rack conveyor dishwasher. It can be configured individually while remaining flexible. Outstanding performance.

Everything is possible.
It must be small, as small as 90cm in length. Because the kitchen is usually small. It must be quick. Because there is so much to wash during peak times. It must be modular. It should be modular so that it can be customized to individual needs and requirements. It should be easy to use. With this rack conveyor dishwasher, you can achieve the impossible: compact dimensions and high wash performance. This compact rack conveyor dishwasher can wash up to 110 loads per hour. Lower operating costs and consumption. Maximum hygiene safety and flexibility. The modular system allows this compact rack conveyor to easily be planned, customized, and retrofitted. This is the perfect solution for between 200 and 300 diners.

Product Benefits

Hygiene Safety
The rack conveyor dishwasher was designed with hygiene in mind. Doors that open to 180° and deep-drawn tanks. Hygiene tank heater. A hygiene mode can also be set: If the soil level is high, the machine reduces the speed of the transport to increase the washing contact time, which guarantees a clean wash. 

Perfect Wash Results
A highly efficient ware washing system. Newly designed and simplified machine design. The rack conveyor dishwasher offers effective solutions in hygiene safety and filtration. It also ensures first-class washing results for large loads.

Economic Efficiency
The rack conveyor dishwasher has a huge advantage: despite its large rack capacity, it is possible to reduce water consumption by up to half - to a minimum 1.6 litres a wash cycle. The speed-dependent control over the rinse water volume makes this possible. This allows you to wash as efficiently and as environmentally friendly as possible.



Compact Size
It must be small, as small as 90cm in length. Because the kitchen is usually small. It must be quick. Because there is so much to wash during peak times. With this rack conveyor dishwasher, you can achieve the impossible: compact dimensions and high wash performance.

Smart Touch Display
Rack conveyor dishwasher cockpit is ready for the future: Smart touch displays are at work in the cockpit. Single-button operation. A language-neutral operator interface. With self-explanatory pictograms. The display responds sensibly and can be operated reliably in gloves. The glass surface is extremely robust and durable. The display has many functions that can be used by the chef, service technicians and user at all three levels. For easy operation, the display is placed at an ergonomic height at inlet.

Rack Capacity
The rack conveyor dishwasher is a compact rack system with a high capacity. It can transport a large volume of dishes at a speed of up to 110 racks per hour. You can quickly and easily adjust the machine's performance to your current situation by choosing one of three speeds: standard, fast or intensive. Service technicians can adjust the stored values to meet your individual needs.

Pre-Wash Zone
The pre-wash zone features a deep-drawn tank, double warewashing systems at the top and bottom, and its own pump for a better wash result. The filter system is made up of two parts. Another advantage is that it uses the energy from main wash zone to pre-heat dishes and stabilize the temperature throughout the whole washing process. The door is easy to use and allows for ergonomic cleaning.

Dual Rinse
Dual rinse option for optimal rinse results: The rack conveyor dishwasher also has a standard freshwater rinse. It also features a pump rinse that is equipped with its own hygiene tank. This allows particles to be rinsed off more effectively and increases rack capacity.

The World's First Smallest Channel Model
The latest development of the progressive conveyor system, significantly enhance the washing effect, compact structure, easy to use.

Wash and Rinse Arm Design is Reasonable
Top and bottom wash and rinse arms for good cleaning, washing efficiency; easy disassembly and cleaning without auxiliary tools.

Excellent Rinse Temperature Control System
Rinse temperature for every wash reaching between 82-95°C.

Safety Protection Device
Without taking the bowls in time, the dishwasher will automatically shut down.

Digital Temperature Controller and Display
Front control panel, 7-inch high-definition smart touch control screen, easy to operate, running at a glance,one key automatically detects machine health.

Technical Data

Washing Capacity
Workload (Seats) 200 - 300
Racks Per Hour 60 - 100
Total 6'' Plate Per Hour  1200 - 2300
Electrical Rating
Operating Voltage (V) 380
Operating Amp (A) 60
Wash Water Pump (Kw) 1.5
Rinse Water Pump (Kw) 0.1
Main Washing Heather (Kw) 9
Rinse Heather (Kw) 18
Total Electricity Consumption (Kw)
(at water inlet of 10'C)
Operation Time
Washing Time Selection (s)  - 
  (Adjustable according to soil level)
Water Rating
Flow Pressure (Kg.f/cm2) 1 - 4
Water Consumption (L/H)  - 
Liters Per Rak (L/R) 1.6
Wash Tank Capacity (L) 50
Temperature Rating
Washing Temperature ('C) 60 - 75
Rinse Temperature ('C) 82 - 95
Machine Dimension
Length (mm) 900
Width (mm) 750
Height (mm) 1600
Weight (kg) 190

Main Materials Quality:
  • Heating Elements from Italy with 316 Stainless Steel
  • Wash Pump, Rinse Pump & Rinse Pump from Italy
  • Machine made from 304 Stainless Steel
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