About Us

EHS is established in 2017 and EHS is the only authorized distributor of ECOLCO dishwashers in Malaysia. It is a branch of ECOMAX, which is a well-known brand from America. The only goal we have is we make sure to provide the best possible products in terms of quality and design to our valuable customers. We have recently launched the fifth generation of smart and efficient series of dishwashers, through our independent research and development technology.

Our experienced team is always available for either meeting or online consultancy.

 Business Plan
Our skilled staff provides pragmatic business solutions with client’s budget.

From machinery to raw materials, our technical staff is always ready to upgrade your production capacity.

EHS KITCHEN successfully crafted itself as a hub of Washing solutions.



Our biggest goal is to provide our customers with the best products at affordable prices. We put the best interests of our customers first and we have our environment in our heart. That is why our employees are working continuously, in developing the most sustainable appliances for the market.

Our aim is to provide effective solutions to your cleaning needs at a minimum cost without compromising on the highest standards of efficiency.

Our challenge is to develop a new product that is cost effective and in line with the safety requirements while meeting the needs of daily cleaning.


Our mission is to be there for you and fulfill your needs when it comes to dishwashing. We offer unique solutions to improve the cleaning and sanitation of your dishware and cutlery.

Our company strives to manufacture efficient products and satisfy all food safety concerns in the utmost hygienic way. We want to produce products that are collaborative and configurable at the lowest possible cost.

Our company’s aims are Respect, Integrity, and Customer Focus.

Our prime focus is to give our customers direct control of the products because at the end of the day, they are entrusting their trust in us to simplify their daily tasks.

Our motto:  Efficiency – Hygienic – Savings

EHS is established to be committed to designing products that are not only good for our customers but also good for society in general. The focus of our company is to have good relationships with customers and suppliers.

Our work environment is engaging and collaborative in which our staff is working hard to provide the best products to our customers. EHS does not compromise when it comes to the quality and durability of our products. We assure our customers that our dishwashers are top-notch and sustainable products.

Our company was formed based on the mission of using technology to help society and this means that your dishware and cutlery are in good hands. Our dishwashers are fully equipped to provide gentle care to your expensive and delicate dishware goods. Whether it is a family heirloom or common household dish, there will be no compromise on the hygiene and safety aspects. The secret to this is the design of our innovative products. We make sure our products are user-friendly and effective and we are devoted to make your life simple.

EHS believes in sustainability and timeless elegance, which you will only find in our range of dishwashers. In addition, our brand is always ready to improve and grow with our customers. Choosing us for your cleaning needs will probably be the best decision of a lifetime.

Revolutionizing your brand with immaculate designs

Work with a passionate and result oriented team

Our solutions provide 100% customer satisfaction

Our packages are affordable and accessible to all

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